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Community Health Specialist at USAID in United States October 2017

The Community Health Specialist is a full-time member of the Office of Health Team (OH).S/he serves as the Mission's principal technical adviser in the areas of community health,advising the Country Representative, the OH Director, and OH staff on community health, andensuring that Mission policies and programming reflect current international best practices. TheSpecialist has primary responsibility for the management of a complex portfolio of communityhealth activities. The Specialist represents USAID and works closely with USAID implementingpartners, other health donors and partners, and high-level Government of Benin (GOB)counterparts. The Specialist is expected to exercise leadership through open communication anddiplomacy in carrying out day-to-day work with these partners. S/he will provide programsupport in the form of capacity assessments, organization development and leadership skilltransfer to government and other local civil society partners. The Specialist will lead theprocurement process to establish local grants and support systems for capacity building,reporting and information sharing for community health activities. S/he shall report directly tothe OH Director while consulting extensively with other OH staff. Since community health is anintegrated portfolio and includes elements from many technical areas, s/he must coordinateeffectively with Advisers in many technical areas, for example: malaria, family planning,maternal and child health, and HIV/AIDS. This requires effective leadership, teamwork, anddiplomacy skills.


S/he assures technical oversight, project management, and monitoring and evaluation of healthprojects and activities related to community health. Specifically, the Specialist shall perform thefollowing:

Project and Activity Development and Management (50%)The Specialist will exercise considerable independent judgment in the conduct of a wide rangeof project and activity management duties in support of USAID/Benin health programming,including design, implementation, results management, reporting, and quality improvement. TheSpecialist will serve as the Agreement/Contracting Officer's Representative (A/COR), ActivityManager (AM), and/or Alternate A/COR for 3-5 health activities. The health portfolio includesmany cross-cutting activities. Therefore, the Specialist must be able to work cooperatively with,and maintain good relationships with, a wide variety of technical experts. S/he will lead andcoordinate the work of other technical experts with input into activities in community health.Examples of work activities in this category include, but are not limited to:

1. Manage and oversee services and deliverables provided by contractors and grantees inaccordance with USAID activity management regulations and procedures. Providetechnical guidance to contractors and grantees to ensure effectiveness of activities.Identify and resolve performance problems.

2. Design new activities in community health.3. Maintain official activity management files in accordance with USAID regulations.4. Liaise with USAID/Washington A/CORs in the management of Field Support

mechanisms.5. Conduct monitoring visits to verify aspects of health activity implementation.6. Assess achievement against targets and performance indicators on a continual basis

through analyses of reports, site visits, and ongoing contact with implementing partners.7. Design, conduct and/or participate in evaluations of health activities.8. Ensure that quarterly and annual reports are submitted and analyzed in a timely manner,

as mandated.9. Ensure appropriate financial management of individual health activities. Ensure that

implementers submit timely and accurate accruals. Conduct pipeline analyses and ensurethat funds are obligated to activities.

10. Work with other OH staff and the Development Outreach Coordinator to enhanceoutreach and communication activities for USAID/Benin's health portfolio. Such

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activities may include drafting speeches for significant events, preparing press releases,reporting cables and editing success stories.

Coordination and Relationship Building (30%)1. Attend sector-specific meetings, including donor coordination meetings, Technical

Working Groups, and others. Participate in inter-agency meetings.2. Participate in policy dialogue with GOB officials in areas of responsibility to advance

USA1D development objectives in Benin.3. Participate in policy development and coordination meetings within USA1D and with

USAID partners working in areas of technical responsibility.4. Coordinate with the Office Director and other OH staff members to ensure that policy

implications of health programs proposed by other donors in community health areassessed and tracked.

5. Seek opportunities for new partnerships, such as public-private partnerships.

Provision of Technical Expertise (20%)I. Serve as technical and policy advisor to USAID/Benin on community health and

oversee technical aspects of the Mission's community health activities. Remain up-to-date on ever-changing international best-practices and global health research relevant toareas of responsibility.

2. Conduct in-depth analysis of varied issues related to areas of responsibility, and useresults of analysis to recommend changes or new direction in USAID policies orprogramming.

3. Provide technical assistance on areas of responsibility to colleagues working on cross-cutting activities.

4. Contribute to the design and implementation of the Mission's Operational Plan (OP), theMalaria Operational Plan (MOP), the Program Management Plan (PMP), ProgramPerformance Report (PPR), portfolio reviews, and other planning, monitoring, andreporting documents.

III. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCEa. Education: Minimum of Bachelor's degree in a relevant Health and Development field is

required, an MPH preferred.

NB: Additional education may NOT be substituted for Experience.

b. Prior Work Experience: At least 5 years' work experience in capacity building local organizationin health or related development field is required. Familiarity with local organizations in thehealth sector in Benin is required

c. Post Entry Training: A/COR training, USAID training in monitoring and evaluation, USAIDtraining in environmental compliance, GLAAS, Phoenix and Project Design and Managementare required.

d. Language Proficiency French Level-4 and English minimum of Level-4 both spoken and writtenare required.

e. Job Knowledge: Expertise in technical and administrative capacity assessments, organizationcapacity building, and skill transfer methodologies are essential. Basic knowledge ofepidemiology and/or biostatistics. Familiarity with compliance issues that have the potential tonegatively impact USAID programming.

f. Skills and Abilities: Good knowledge of the project cycle from assessment to evaluation isrequired. Basic principles of financial management are essential. Good analytical, problem-solving and writing skills required. Familiarity with USAID rules and regulations is stronglyencouraged. Proficiency with standard office software is required, e.g., Word, Excel,

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PowerPoint, and Gmail.

IV. POSITION ELEMENTSa. Supervision Received: Incumbent will be supervised the OH Director.b. Supervision Exercised: The employee will not exercise supervision over other OH staff.c. Available Guidelines: A wide range of USAID guidelines are available, including the USAID

Automated Directives System (ADS), Guidance on the Definition and Use of the Global HealthPrograms Account, and Mission Orders.

d. Exercise of Judgment: Serves as the Mission's principal technical adviser in the areas ofcommunity health, advising the Country Representative, the OH Director, and OH staff oncommunity health, and ensuring that Mission policies and programming reflect currentinternational best practices.

e. Authority to Make Commitments: The employee cannot make financial commitments on behalfof the U.S. Government

f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: The employee makes frequent (sometimes daily)contacts with other units in the Mission, with technical officials of Ministries of the GOB(particularly the Ministry of Health), donors to the health sector and local/international NGOsconcerning family health issues, policies, coordination and consultation. Will be required toprepare short summaries of projects, situation reports, press releases and speeches that will needclearances. Travel may be necessary, as well as occasional overtime. There are seasonalepisodes of overtime and stress, mostly around the times of preparation for the Performance Planand Report (PPR) and the Operational Plan (OP).

g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year.

V. EVALUATION FACTORS:Applications would be assessed during a first screening; those which will not meet the minimumrequirements for the position would not be given further consideration.

Note that English Language will be tested for applicants who will meet the requirements for the position.

Evaluation will be based on the following:

a. Prior Work Experience: (30 points) At least 5 years of professional work experience in communityhealth, such as community health service delivery and/or capacity building of local community healthservice delivery organizations. Familiarity with local organizations in the health sector in Benin isrequired.

b. Language Proficiency: (15 points) level 4 in French and English (both spoken and written) required.Language proficiency will be tested.

c. Job Knowledge: (35 points): Good knowledge of evidence -based community health programming,including models of sustainability, technical and administrative capacity assessments, andorganizational capacity building is required. Basic knowledge of epidemiology and/or biostatistics isstrongly encouraged. Familiarity with USAID rules and regulations is strongly encouraged.

d. Skills and Abilities: (20 points): Expertise in the project cycle from assessment to evaluation isrequired. Basic principles of financial management are essential. Good analytical, problem-solving andwriting skills required. Proficiency with standard office software is required, e.g., Word, Excel,PowerPoint, and Gmail.

VI. INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANTSConsideration and selection will be based on evaluation of the qualifications and evaluation criteria by arecruitment committee. Applications should be in English.

Applicants must submit a CV, an OF -612 form and should write a cover letter. Applicants who do notsubmit a CV, an OF-612 form and a cover letter in the application will not receive further


consideration. Depth and relevance of qualifications will be primarily assessed by a review ofcandidates' applications and a written test followed by an interview if applicable.

After candidates' applications have been initially reviewed, only those which give evidence of meetingminimum requirements for education, prior work experience and relevant skills will receive furtherconsideration. The recruitment committee will identify a short list of candidates who will be invited tocomplete a written test followed by an interview. After reviewing all results, the recruitment committeewill make a determination of candidates who have the requisite qualifications and experience tosuccessfully fill the position. Applications must include the names and contacts information for atleast three references. At least one should be the current immediate supervisor or have been animmediate supervisor. USAID may seek additional contacts for reference check as appropriate ordetermined necessary. Candidates who do not wish to have current employers contacted must state thisin the application; however such employers would be contacted for references, if candidate is amongthe most highly rated. Information from reference checks will be included in the final recommendationand ranking of candidates submitted to the contracting officer. These candidates may be invited toreturn to USAID for additional interviews.

Application forms: Optional Form 612 can be obtained from the USAID websitehttp://www.usaid.govisites/default/files/OF612.pdf . If you encounter problems downloading the form,please contact us at and copy Laurent Kpadonou at andClemencia Acacha at for a copy of the form. Applicants should retain for theirrecord copies of all enclosures that accompany their applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not include any award or certificate received in yourapplication at this point; you may refer or cite them you will be asked to provide them at a laterstage of the process.

Please reference the number of this solicitation when sending your application.Submissions must be made via e-mail and MUST be PDF format.

Note that only electronic submissions are accepted. Please do not send hard copies.

Electronic submissions should be sent to: and copy Laurent Kpadonou and Clemencia Acacha at cacachaa, . Please quote the number andposition title of this solicitation on the subject line of your e-mail application. Applicants arerequested to provide their full mailing address and contact information (telephone and e-mail).No response will be sent to unsuccessful applicants.

VII. COMPENSATIONThe position grade is FSN 10. However compensation will be negotiated at trainee level within therange of the market value at Grade FSN-09 based upon the candidates past salary. Applicants falling atthe FSN 09 will receive an annual salary increase of one step each year up to the maximum step ofgrade FSN 09 upon fully successful performance. If during the 12 months' waiting period, performanceis rated unsatisfactory by supervisor and supported by the Country Representative, contractor may beterminated for convenience according to the Local Compensation Plan (LCP). They may move to thehigher grade FSN-10 after one year, if their performance is rated more than fully successful. Salariesover and above the market value will not be entertained or negotiated. Only salaries and the benefitslisted in the local compensation plan (LCP) will be paid. USAID/Benin would like to reiterate that thisposition has been classified as an FSN position and in no event will this status change to an off-shorehire during the contract term, including extensions, if any.


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